2019 | 

Maria Pedro Guarino, Marlene Lages, Alexandra Vieira, Salvato Feijó, Gabriel Correia Brito, Rui Fonseca-Pinto and Nuno Vieira Lopes – On March 10th, during the 15th Portuguese Diabetes Congress, the Bragança Parreira SPD / Roche Grant was awarded the project “CBmeter – a new technology with predictive value for the diagnosis of metabolic diseases”. 

2018 | 

Maria dos Anjos Dixe, Catarina Tomás and Ana Querido were awarded the Second Prize in communication on the poster of the 8th Nursing Meeting of the Hospital Centre of Leiria “Cultural adaptation of Memorial Emergency Department Fall Risk Assessment Tool (MEDFRAT) and the Italian Psychiatric Fall Risk Assessment Tool (IPFRAT) to the Portuguese population”.

Ana Querido & Maria dos Anjos Dixe won a first Prize with the oral communication “Overload of the Informal Caregivers of Dependent People: Challenges for Mental Health Nurses” in the 9th International Congress of the Portuguese Society for Mental Health Nursing held at the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança on 18th-19th October 2018.

Maria dos Anjos Dixe, Patrícia Miranda, Joana Aquino, Ricardo Monteiro, Alexandra Luz, Pascoal Moleiro were awarded the First Prize of the Eric Roger Wroclawski Award 2018 in the category of Clinical Medicine with the article “Sexual behaviours: Study of Young People”.

Maria Pedro GuarinoOn March was awarded the Prize Pulido Valente Ciência 2018, in the area of ​​Biomedical Engineering, to a paper published in the international scientific journal, Diabetologia.


2018 | 

Maria dos Anjos Dixe, Cristina Baixinho & Adriana Henriques were awarded the Honourable Mention with the article Restriction of activity after a fall in institutionalised elderly people” a theory based on the 7th Ibero-American Congress on Qualitative Research held at the University of Fortaleza – Brazil on 11th-13th July 2018.

Maria dos Anjos Dixe (and the Help2Care Team) has achieved: Honourable Mention in the Knowledge category in the 2018 edition of the Good Practices for Active and Healthy Ageing prize in the Central Region with the project Help2Care designated by the Regional Coordination and Development Committee of the Ageing@Coimbra Centre and Consortium – 20th November 2018.