Depressive symptoms and burnout in football players

Roberta Frontini, researcher at ciTechCare, co-authored the article “Depressive Symptoms and Burnout in Football Players: A Systematic Review”, recently published in Brain Sciences. The article emerged from another collaboration with researcher Filipe Manuel Clemente, professor at the Escola Superior Sport and Leisure of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo and has Professor Hugo Sarmento as the first author. The aim of this article was to review the available literature on the topic of depressive symptoms and burnout in soccer players. Game position and conflicts with the coach seem to have a direct influence on the prevalence of depressive symptoms in players,

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Effects of exercise on quality of life after surgery for lung cancer and coloretal cancer

In an article recently published in the journal Cancers, researchers from ciTechCare and the University of Coimbra investigated the effect of perioperative (i.e., pre- and/or post-surgery) exercise on quality of life of people with lung cancer and colorectal cancer after surgical resection. This publication is part of Pedro Machado’s doctoral work. Lung cancer and colorectal cancer are the deadliest tumours worldwide and two of the most incident tumours. Surgery is a potentially curative intervention for these patients; however, it has short- and long-term impact on patients’ quality of life, with most patients experiencing physical limitations and increased fatigue symptoms. The main conclusions

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New Laboratory was born at the Hub of Health Inovation – aTOPlab – Technology and ocupational performance laboratory

To study, assess and advise some specific products that contribute to a better ocupational performance in people with some type of funcional restriction is the biggest aim of aTOPlab – Assistive Technology and Ocupacional Performance Laboratory, located at the hub of Health Inovation, at campus 5 of the Polytechnic of Leiria, gathering investigation, training and activities, integrating the community, in Technology and Support Products field. The aTOPlab was opened on 3rd december, exactly the same day that the School of Health Science (ESSLei) celebrated its 48º birthday. The aTOPlab goal is to be a prescriptor center of support products, in

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Integrating the family into nursing care

 João Frade and Carolina Henriques, researchers from ciTechCare and professors at ESSLei, were the authors of a study recently published in the Revista de Enfermagem Referência, entitled “Integrating the family into nursing care: nurses’ and nursing students’ perspectives.This study aimed to assess the importance of the family in nursing care in a sample of nursing students and nurses. The results revealed that students attached greater importance to the integration of the family in nursing care. In nurses, the variables age, years of professional practice and training in the family area were associated with a greater importance of integrating the family

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Guidelines for the transcription of children’s speech samples

Sónia Pós-de-Mina, researcher at ciTechCare and lecturer at ESSLei, conducted the transcription and validation of the ‘Good practice guidelines for transcription of children’s speech samples in clinical practice and research’, co-authored by Andreia Teles, Diana Dias, Mariana Lopes and Juliana Guardado. This work had the Bristol Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit (BSLTRU) seal and was published in the Child Speech Disorder Research Network. This is a resource related to the clinical management of childhood speech disorders and includes transcription guidelines for speech sound problems that support Speech Therapist analysis and intervention.   +INFO:

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Impact of lockdown on mental and physical health

The ciTechCare researcher João Frade was the author of a study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, entitled ” Impact on the Mental and Physical Health of the Portuguese Population during the COVID-19 Confinement”. This study aimed to assess the prevalence of psychological stress symptoms in the Portuguese population during confinement caused by COVID-19 and the factors that predisposed the individual to manifest these symptoms.The results showed a higher percentage of individuals presenting psychological distress (57.2%), with a higher percentage identified among women (79.0%) and in people with a higher educational level (bachelor’s + master’s and doctorate) (75.8%). The

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