Carolina Miguel Graça Henriques

Institution Polytechnic of Leiria


ORCID ID 0000-0002-0904-8057 | CIÊNCIAVITAE 6B16-EECC-0EBD

Research Interests: maternity, women’s health, nursing

CV Synopsis
Post-Doctorate in Health Sciences; PhD in Nursing; PhD in New Contexts of Psychological Intervention in Education, Health and Quality of Life; Master’s Degree in Maternal and Midwifery Nursing; Master’s Degree in Sociopsychology of Health; Post-Degree Specialization in Maternal Health Nursing, Obstetrics and Gynecology; Post-Graduation in Management and Administration of Health Services; Degree in nursing.

  • Spirituality in Pregnant Women – Complex Nursing Interventions for their Promotion. Increasingly spirituality has been integrating health care by the growing need to understand the Human Being in its entirety. Spirituality is seen as a mechanism of coping, which allows people to cope with existential crises, favoring their social and emotional support. This project intends to develop person-centered research to experience transition processes in the nursing field of women’s health, obstetrics and gynecology.