Elisabete Roldão

Institution Polytechnic of Leiria

E-mail elisabete.roldao@ipleiria.pt

ORCID ID 0000-0002-5317-9855 | CIÊNCIAVITAE 0F1B-363A-0E77

Research Interests: disadvantaged and displacement population, hand assessment and therapy, health policies

CV Synopsis
Occupational Therapist graduated in Health School of Alcoitão in 1992, specialist in Therapy and Rehabilitation since 2018. Student of the Doctoral Program in Motricity – Rehabilitation. Invited Assistant Professor at the Sciences Health School of Leiria and Coordinator of the Post-graduation in Hand Therapy Specialization. President of the Portuguese Association of Occupational Therapists. Professional experience in training, consulting and intervention with adults in physical and cognitive rehabilitation.