Nuno Rama

Institution Unidade Local de Saúde – Região de Leiria


ORCID ID 0000-0002-1572-2239 | CIÊNCIAVITAE E012-FE6B-9A38

Research Interests: coloproctology, organ donation, colorectal cancer predictive models

CV Synopsis
1999 – Degree in Medicine; Faculty of Medicine (Universidade de Coimbra); 2012 – MBA in Health and Economics; Faculty of Economy (Universidade de Coimbra); 2013 – Fellow do European Board of Surgery – Coloproctology; 2016 – PhD student in Medical Sciences; ICBAS/FMUP (Oporto). Several Oral Presentations as Author and co-author; Author of 12 Videos about surgical technique; Several Portuguese Papers as Author;  Several Lectures/Talks in Local and National meetings. “Best Video” award in National Meeting of Coloproctology (2013); Member of the organizing committee of different Local and National Courses and meetings.