Rui Lopes

Institution Polytechnic of Leiria


ORCID ID 0000-0002-4027-2233 | CIÊNCIAVITAE F61E-C3ED-7EAA

Research Interests: food technology, development, and innovation, dietetics and nutrition for elderly people, food education for children and youthful

CV Synopsis
Rui Lopes is a teacher at the Training School of Alcobaça, he has a Hospitality Management Degree, is finishing up Dietetics & Nutrition Degree, and a Master’s Degree in Food Safety & Quality Management. Is a Consultor on Food & Beverage Management for elderly people, furthermore developing functional foods. His areas of interest are identified to food innovation, dietetics & nutrition for elderly and young individuals.

  • Pão Medronho ® – functional bread, rich in minerals and antioxidants
  • Porco Malhado de Alcobaça® – lipidic profile study
  • National Brand – nº 552282 – Pão Medronho​