ciTechCare, Center of Innovative Care and Health Technology, is a multidisciplinary research unit of the Polytechnic of Leiria, dedicated to delivering solutions to improve healthcare and technologies to support early diagnosis and intervention.

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Organized in three main areas, Health Promotion and Care, Nutrition and Food Inovation, and Biomarkers and Clinical Engineering, we combine efforts to simultaneously address diverse research questions from different scientific points of view and accelerate knowledge transfer through our privileged collaboration with several healthcare and local economy partners that act as test tubes for the designed solutions.


To ascertain the development of state-of-the-art technologies to excel health promotion and care, to help physicians attain faster early diagnosis and therapy, to deliver healthier nourishment solutions and to empower patients and caregivers with incremental life quality tools, in a broad preventive perspective of what healthcare should be.


The multidisciplinary and inter-professional collaboration can deliver better and faster solutions to improve health, prevent illness and circumvent current difficulties that patients, caregivers and healthcare practitioners face on a daily basis.


  • Design and patent innovative biomarkers, computer aided early-diagnosis systems and disease-monitoring devices;
  • Foster innovative approaches and interactive tools to promote healthy behaviours and increase health literacy among young populations;
  • Prototype digital technologies and innovative systems to target real needs experienced by patients and caregivers and foster independent living in patients with reduced autonomy;
  • Develop and optimize functional food products;
  • Conduct clinical trials to validate the developed innovations and ensure their rapid transfer to the clinical practice and the society.


ciTechCare is structured in three main bodies to reflect its vision and mission and establish a rich and diversified scientific environment with the expertise required to accomplish its aims:

These three bodies are supported by an External Advisory Board of invited international prominent researchers from ciTechCare major scientific areas.