2023 |

The work ‘Prevalence and characterization of children between 2 and 10 years old with ARFID in a private clinic in the municipality of Leiria’ presented by Cátia Pontes at the Healthy Longevity Meeting, in Leiria, in november 25, was distinguished with the 2nd oral communication prize.

MorphoPlay project was distinguished in the Spotlight Awards 2023, in the category of Best Student Game, whose ceremony took place on November 20, at the Marvila Library in Lisbon. The awarded game Costa Nova was developed by students of Games and Multimedia degree, in collaboration with researchers from ciTechCare and CIIC, Computer Science and Communication Research Centre.

Catarina Marques, PhD student at ciTechCare, received the best oral communication prize at the 5th International Congress IACS ‘Infection Associated with Health Care’, that took place in Santa Maria da Feira, by presenting her research work entitled ‘Dissemination of multiresistant Enterobacterales in long-term health care units’.

Cátia Pontes, PhD, lecturer and reseacher in nutrition, was awarded in the 2nd Pediatrics Congress of Hospital da Luz Lisboa, that happened on march 2-3, with the best oral communication based on her presentation “Parents’ perception about the nutritional status of preschool children – Veggies4MyHeart project”.

2022 | 

Pedro Machado was distinguished by unanimous vote with the prize Dr. Eduardo Esteves Pinto, by being recognized as the best oral communication at the 1st Iberic Thoracic Surgery Meeting with the study entitled “Home-based preoperative exercise training for lung cancer patients undergoing surgery: A feasibility trial”.

Cátia Braga-Pontes, Sara Dias and Marlene Lages were awarded with the project of the year in community nutrition and public health category with the project Veggies4myheart, by Viver Saudável Awards, on november 25.

Joana Cruz, Nuno Morais, Cândida Silva and the remaining team work  – Alda Marques, Fernando Silva, José Ribeiro, Paula Simões, Ana Sargento, Ana Oliveira, Chris Burtin and Dina Brooks – received the Robalo Cordeiro prize (ex-aequo) with the project “Personalising physical activity in COPD using digital health – optimization and implementation of the OnTRACK coaching platform” at the 38th Pneumology Congress.

Pedro Machado was distinguished by the Lung Cancer Study Group with the best oral communication with the study “Physical exercise pre-operative domiciliary in lung cancer patients” at the 1st Portuguese Congress in Lung Cancer, between october 20 to 22. Sara Pimenta and Joana Cruz, researchers at ciTechCare in the respiratory physiotherapy area, also collaborated in this awarded study.

Luís Soares Luís, Maria dos Anjos Dixe and Catarina Tomás received an ERAMUS+ Grant for an international project on oral health promotion.

Marlene Lages, Sofia Flora, Nádia Hipólito, Maria Pedro Guarino and Joana Cruz were awarded with Emílio Peres Grant regarding the nutrition research project entitled “Impact of coexistence of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and COPD in body composition, food pattern and functional status”. The prize were announced in the 18th Portuguese Congress of Diabetes, between march 10 to 12.

2021 | 

Carolina Miguel Graça Henriques was distinguished in the 24th International Virtual Nursing Research Conference with her communication poster entitled ‘La estratégia de cartera reflexiva en la supervisión de estudiantes de enfermeira’.

Roberta Frontini and Marlene Rosa are co-authors of the publication “Determinants and barriers to the practice of physical exercise among sedentary elderly – a qualitative exploratory study” that was awarded with the 1st prize at the III Meeting of Psychosocial Intervention in the Community  – Thinking the Elderly and Aging. Roberta is also co-author of the work “Museum in the village: community project where art and culture fight social isolation and loneliness in the elderly” that received the 2nd prize at the same event.

Carolina Miguel Graça Henriques integrates the awarded study entitled “Health and well-being of students of the Polytechnic Higher Education of Portugal: The dimension of sexuality”, distinguished at the XVI Iberoamerican Conference on Nursing Education held at the University of Granada, in October 2021.

An inicial research scholarship was assigned for two research fellows, after the application under the special support Summer with Science from I&D Unit 5704.

The project CB Meter was awarded with the Research Prize Alfredo da Silva – Amélia de Mello Foundation. The CB Meter is a new device for early detection of type 2 diabetes mellitus and is being developed by Maria Guarino, the main researcher, Rui Fonseca-Pinto, Nuno Vieira Lopes, Marlene Lages, Henrique Carvalho e Inês Lisboa and Sílvia Conde. The award was delivered by the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

The Portuguese Society of Diabetology, distinguished the publication entitled Carotid body chemosensitivity: early biomarker of dysmetabolism in humans. European journal of endocrinology with the prize Eurico Lisboa. Maria Guarino is one of the co-authors.
Rui Lopes won the fourth edition of the prize Food Fab Lab 2020 with his project of food and nutritional innovation, that consists on arbutus berry bread. His company Medronho & Canela, is a spin off of Polytechnic of Leiria.
The poster entitled “Veggies for my heart project – Knowledge assessment about vegetables in preschool children” received the second prize in the category of poster presentation in the XX Congress of Food and Nutrition & II International Congress of Food and Nutrition.
Marlene Lages, author of the work “Diabetes: Many Faces of the Disease” was awarded at the Keystone Symposia. A work that has been developing under the supervision of Maria Guarino.
The publication entitled “Impacto da coexistência de Diabetes Mellitus Tipo 2 e DPOC na composição corporal, padrão alimentar e estado funcional”, developed by Marlene Lages, Sofia Flora, Nádia Hipólito, Maria Pedro Guarino and Joana Cruz received the Emílio Peres Grant, at the 18th Portuguese Congress of Diabetes. This research work also counts on the collaboration of Alexandra Vieira, Nuno Vicente, Sónina Silva and João Machado, physicians from Leiria Hospital Center.
Marlene Lages‘s work was the winner of the Nutrients 2021 in the category of Nutrigenetics nad Nutrigenomics. Her work aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a personalised nutritional intervention according to the profile of clock genes in people with metabolic disorders. 
2020 | 
Carolina Henriques‘s project entitled Parteiras ao Poder: Do Parto em Casa à Sala de Partos received the first prize on the XIII International Conference on Obstetrics.
Project Arbutus berry bread of Rui Lopes, received the third prize of the AgriEmpreende Contest, in the category of Food Innovation.
Marlene Rosa, coordinator of the Agilidades’ project, received a funding from the Fidelidade Comunidade to create therapeutic board games specialized to Psychomotor Rehabilitation in frail older adults.
The “Dá-te a conhecer” iniciative, promoted by OPEN incubator, awarded Marlene Rosa‘s project named Agilidades. This iniciative intends to promote entrepreneurship.
2019 | 

Maria Pedro Guarino, Marlene Lages, Alexandra Vieira, Salvato Feijó, Gabriel Correia Brito, Rui Fonseca-Pinto and Nuno Vieira Lopes – On March 10th, during the 15th Portuguese Diabetes Congress, the Bragança Parreira SPD / Roche Grant was awarded the project “CBmeter – a new technology with predictive value for the diagnosis of metabolic diseases”. 

Sónia Gonçalves Pereira, main researcher on “CeliAct – Fingerprinting celiac disease in Portugal towards remission” project was awarded with the Health Marathon Award, in its 6 edition, regarding Autoimmune Diseases and Allergies.

Publication in the area of Biomedical Engineering entitled ‘Bioelectronic modulation of carotid sinus nerve activity in the rat: a potential therapeutic approach for type 2 diabetes’, whose Maria Pedro Guarino is co-author, was distinguished the Pulido Valente Science 2018 prize, considering in a national competitive contest.

2018 | 

Maria dos Anjos Dixe, Catarina Tomás and Ana Querido were awarded the Second Prize in communication on the poster of the 8th Nursing Meeting of the Hospital Centre of Leiria “Cultural adaptation of Memorial Emergency Department Fall Risk Assessment Tool (MEDFRAT) and the Italian Psychiatric Fall Risk Assessment Tool (IPFRAT) to the Portuguese population”.

Ana Querido & Maria dos Anjos Dixe won a first Prize with the oral communication “Overload of the Informal Caregivers of Dependent People: Challenges for Mental Health Nurses” in the 9th International Congress of the Portuguese Society for Mental Health Nursing held at the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança on 18th-19th October 2018.

Maria dos Anjos Dixe, Patrícia Miranda, Joana Aquino, Ricardo Monteiro, Alexandra Luz, Pascoal Moleiro were awarded the First Prize of the Eric Roger Wroclawski Award 2018 in the category of Clinical Medicine with the article “Sexual behaviours: Study of Young People”.

Maria Pedro GuarinoOn March was awarded the Prize Pulido Valente Ciência 2018, in the area of Biomedical Engineering, to a paper published in the international scientific journal, Diabetologia.


2022 | 

Raúl Antunes, Roberta Frontini e Pedro Morouço, co-authors of the article entitled “Physical activity, anxiety and basic psychological needs: characterization of a portuguese population sample in covid-19 context” received an honourable mention at History and Sport Sociology Category in Sport Science Awards 2021/2022, of the Olympic Committee of Portugal.

2021 | 

Roberta Frontini, Raúl Antunes, Marlene Rosa from ciTechCare and two other researchers (Rúben Coelho and Pedro Marques) were distinguished with an honourable mention by their communication poster entitled Determinants and barriers to the practice of physical exercise among sedentary elderly – a qualitative exploratory study at the III Meeting of Psychosocial Intervention in the Community  – Thinking the Elderly and Aging. 

The publication Characterization of loneliness levels and symptoms of anxiety and depression in the elderly during the covid-19 pandemic: preliminary results of a community intervention project, received an honourable mention at the III Meeting of Psychosocial Intervention in the Community  – Thinking the Elderly and Aging. This work was written by Roberta Frontini, Gabriela Rocha, Henrique Chaves, Sandra Sousa and Lina Tábuas Pereira.

The poster communication entitled “The perceived involvement of institutionalized elderly in a stimulation program using a serious game – a pilot study” of Raquel Marinho and three ciTechCare researchers, Marlene Rosa, Sara Gordo and Ricardo Pocinho was distinguished with an honourable mention at the III Meeting of Psychosocial Intervention in the Community  – Thinking the Elderly and Aging.

2018 | 

Maria dos Anjos Dixe, Cristina Baixinho & Adriana Henriques were awarded the Honourable Mention with the article Restriction of activity after a fall in institutionalised elderly people” a theory based on the 7th Ibero-American Congress on Qualitative Research held at the University of Fortaleza – Brazil on 11th-13th July 2018.

Maria dos Anjos Dixe (and the Help2Care Team) has achieved: Honourable Mention in the Knowledge category in the 2018 edition of the Good Practices for Active and Healthy Ageing prize in the Central Region with the project Help2Care designated by the Regional Coordination and Development Committee of the Ageing@Coimbra Centre and Consortium – 20th November 2018.