Maria Pedro Guarino

Institution Polytechnic University of Leiria


ID ORCID 0000-0001-6079-1105 | CIÊNCIAVITAE F21A-BD01-2D52 

DOI: 10.54499/CEECINST/00051/2018/CP1566/CT0009

Research Interests: biomarkers of disease, medical devices, metabolic diseases, chrononutrition

CV Synopsis
Maria Pedro Guarino is a full-time Coordinator Professor of the School of Health Sciences of the Polytechnic of Leiria. PhD in Physiology by NOVA Medical School, Portugal and post-graduated in Pharmacology by the University of Manitoba, Canada her area of interest is related to metabolic disease signatures and patterns and chrononutrition. She has published several scientific studies in international journals, was responsible for funded projects and grants and co-authors one international patent.

  • National Patent PPP 109633 – Dispositivo médico para diagnóstico precoce de doenças metabólicas​
  • PCT/IB2017/055769
  • WO2016072875A1 – Neuromodulation device