Research project receives a Grant in the 18th Portuguese Congress of Diabetes

The 18th Portuguese Congress of Diabetes was the purpose to gather hundreds of healthcare professionals with the ability to discuss this challenging chronic disease, looking for the continuous development of new therapeutic approaches.  

After two years of absence, caused by the pandemic, the event took place at Algarve Congress Center, in Vilamoura, from 10th to 12th of March 2022, and was an important moment to share and get to know more about this complex disease called diabetes.  

This year, more than 100 research projects were submitted and one of them was the “Impact of coexistence of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and COPD in body composition, food pattern and functional status”.  

This Nutrition research project received the Emílio Peres Grant, in the amount of 5.000€. Marlene Lages, Sofia Flora, Nádia Hipólito, Maria Pedro Guarino and Joana Cruz, ciTechCare researchers, were co-authors of the winner project. This research project also counts with the collaboration of medical doctors from the Leiria Hospital Center, Alexandra Vieira, Nuno Vicente, Sónia Silva and João Machado. 

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