Ana Querido kicked off a new cycle of conferences at the Research Center of Leiria Hospital Center

The first of four conferences organized by the Research Center of the Hospital Center of Leiria (HCL), was conducted on May 25, by Ana Querido, researcher at ciTechCare in the area of Mental Health and Palliative Care.

The invited speaker dedicated her presentation to the theme “Knowledge in Health Care Service – The perspective of a Researcher” and talked about two of the research projects that are developing “Hope in Palliative Care” and “Caregiver Training”.

The cycle of conference, that will be on going this year of 2023, intends to promote the sharing of scientific experiences in the HCL and transmit knowledge of prestigious figures on the scientific research field in Portugal.

The importance of developing a scientific work supported by a multidisciplinary team and the close connection between HCL and ciTechCare – Polytechnic of Leiria were some of the highlighted messages at this meeting.

Photography by Leiria Hospital Center