Association between clock genes and individual metabolism

The 17th Portuguese Diabetes Congress organized by the Portuguese Society of Diabetology (SPD) is taking place between 11 and 17 March 2021. Marlene Lages, PhD student and research fellow at ciTechCare, was invited by the SPD Nutrition Study Group to present her work entitled “Impact of circadian rhythm on prediabetes – A pilot study on the association between chronotype and metabolic homeostasis ” that won the Emílio Peres Award the previous year.
People have different phases of their circadian rhythm (24-hour cycle), which defines their chronotype, and it can be determined through the expression of clock genes. This individuality can condition responses to a specific nutritional intervention. This study, led by researcher Maria Guarino, will contribute to assessing the effect of a nutritional intervention on the biomarkers of metabolism and circadian rhythm, according to the different chronotypes.

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