ciTechCare invited Professor Andre Nyberg to talk about muscle function and disease management in patients with COPD

Professor Andre Nyberg, from Umeå University, was at citehcare, last november 29 and 30, for a cross-sharing experience on his professional field of work, focused on muscle assessment and treatment in patients with chronic obstrutive pulmonar disease (COPD), a topic which has also been a subject of interest and research at ciTechCare.

“High-intensity exercise programs are not suitable for every patients with COPD”, however “there are certain groups of people that can really benefit from doing this exercise training modality”, said Professor Andre.

ciTechCare developed a digital platform denominated OnTrack, a personalized coaching platform to tackle physical inactivity in COPD. With a similar goal, a group of researchers from Umeå University, including Professor Andre Nyberg, developed the COPD Web, a web page that provides education to patients with COPD on how to manage their disease and includes a step counter to help track patients’ daily physical activity.

Although the innovative nature of digital platforms, Andre Nyberg, pointet out that “ehealth tools must be simple and functional. If patients can’t understand them, they will not be helpful”.

This work was funded by Portuguese national funds provided by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P. FCT/UI/05704/2020