Community Intervention Center for People with Dementia and their caregivers

This project includes the design and execution of several validation phases of the methodology defined for evaluation of the project “Community Intervention Center for People with Dementia caregivers”. The Team led by Researcher Marlene Rosa includes in its team the Research Fellow Dara Pincegher. The role of this research team is the designing of methodologies for measuring the social impact of the project. The development of work under this project begins with (i) the design of evaluation protocols to be applied to participants with dementia and caregivers, (ii) the development of a protocol for monitoring cognitive, motor and behaviour variables; (iii) the implementation of evaluation and monitoring protocols at different moments (admission, middle of intervention, discharge); (iv) the processing and data analysis; (v) the development of the final report to assess the social impact of the project; (vi) the scientific dissemination of the results obtained.

Keywords: Dementia, Health Evaluation, Recreation therapy.

Principal Investigator:
Marlene Rosa and Dara Pincegher

8 months (2022 – 2023)

Institutional Partners and Others
Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Oliveira do Bairro