Cooking Workshop – Veggies4myheart project

Saturday, February 26, the Cooking Workshop of the Veggies4MyHeart project took place at the School of Health Sciences (ESSLei) of the Polytechnic of Leiria, with the special participation of Chef and Nutritionist Rui Lopes and the presence of the project team.
Veggies4myHeart is a ciTechCare project, led by Cátia Pontes and promoted by Intern Nutritionists Neuza Barros and Patrícia Ferreira.
The project aims to promote literacy in food and nutrition as well as to reinforce the consumption of vegetables in preschool age.
This year, the project was carried out in partnership with the PIICIE program (Integrated and Innovative Plan to Combat School Withdraw) in 8 kindergartens in the municipality of Leiria, where children played the digital game Veggies4myHeart and tasted the five vegetables in this project.
The culmination of this edition was the Culinary Workshop, in which several dishes were prepared whose main ingredients were the five vegetables covered by the project: tomato, red cabbage, cucumber, carrot and lettuce. It was possible to count on the presence of children from different kindergartens in the district of Leiria who participated in the 2021/2022 Edition of the Veggies4MyHeart project and their respective families.
It was a very fun, educational morning, full of sharing and, above all, very tasty!