Depressive symptoms and burnout in football players

Roberta Frontini, researcher at ciTechCare, co-authored the article “Depressive Symptoms and Burnout in Football Players: A Systematic Review”, recently published in Brain Sciences.
The article emerged from another collaboration with researcher Filipe Manuel Clemente, professor at the Escola Superior Sport and Leisure of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo and has Professor Hugo Sarmento as the first author.
The aim of this article was to review the available literature on the topic of depressive symptoms and burnout in soccer players. Game position and conflicts with the coach seem to have a direct influence on the prevalence of depressive symptoms in players, as well as injuries and life events in former players. This work can help create models to guide professionals so that they can help players to achieve better performance and, at the same time, have better levels of well-being. Understanding how to prevent and deal with the emotional well-being of football players is essential and we must not forget that the important thing is to translate science and knowledge into practice.