Education on infection prevention in 12th grade students

On August 8th, Sónia P. Gonçalves, researcher at ciTechCare, was at Liceu Pedro Nunes, in Lisbon, in an educational session on microbiology and infection prevention, for 12th grade students, promoted by Biology teachers Sara Soares and Maria Emília Carvalho.
Students had the opportunity to discuss the topic, and their doubts regarding the challenges of the scientific career, as well as try out some laboratory techniques in microbiology. One of the objectives of the session was to assess the impact of washing and disinfecting hands on the number of cultivable microorganisms present on the skin, as a way to better make them aware of the importance of this gesture as a central measure for the prevention of infection, celebrated worldwide on October 15th.
Sónia emphasizes the importance of these educational sessions, on this and other topics, for health education and civic training for young people.