Impact of lockdown on mental and physical health

The ciTechCare researcher João Frade was the author of a study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, entitled ” Impact on the Mental and Physical Health of the Portuguese Population during the COVID-19 Confinement”. This study aimed to assess the prevalence of psychological stress symptoms in the Portuguese population during confinement caused by COVID-19 and the factors that predisposed the individual to manifest these symptoms.
The results showed a higher percentage of individuals presenting psychological distress (57.2%), with a higher percentage identified among women (79.0%) and in people with a higher educational level (bachelor’s + master’s and doctorate) (75.8%). The factors that were associated with the prevalence of psychological distress were sex, educational level, living with children or under 16 years of age, presence of symptoms, and quarantine in the last 14 days for having symptoms.
A good self-assessment of health status seems to be associated with better protection against psychological distress related to COVID 19 during confinement in the Portuguese population.