Importance of hand hygiene

Catarina Marques, Specialist Nurse in Intensive Care of Centro Hospitalar de Leiria, EPE and PhD student at ciTechCare, published on January 27 an opinion article in the Diário de Leiria on the importance of hand hygiene, highlighting the fundamental role of this gesture to fight the pandemic and identifying the various forms of hand hygiene.
Catarina points out that “The hands are covered mostly by bacteria, but also fungi, viruses and protozoa (…). It is through touch (contact) of surfaces (…) that these microorganisms reach our hands, and it is also through this transmission route that they can be left on the surfaces. Some of these microorganisms, but mainly pathogens, can cause disease depending on the person’s immune status, or the area of the body or organ where they [microorganisms] are.”

+INFO: (edition 27 January 2021)