Interactive platform for preventing obesity in adolescents

Roberta Frontini, researcher at ciTechCare, is co-author of the chapter “Interdisciplinary interactive platform for the promotion of healthy behaviors and the prevention of physical inactivity and obesity (Teenpower)” (pp. 83-91) of the book “Development of Sport and Quality of Life – Education, Research and Intervention”(doi: 10.34633/978-989-54743-4-9), published in 2020 by the Network of Schools with Training in Sports in Public Polytechnic Higher Education.
The chapter presents the TeenPower mobile application (app), which aims to promote healthy behaviors and prevent overweight in adolescents. The mobile application includes several thematic educational resources (e.g., videos, infographics, menus, daily tips). Among these, the team highlights the inclusion of several videos from FitEscolas with examples/tutorials of exercises: board, squats, stretching of the triceps, lateral dips, climbing and jumping onto the bench, giant steps, bench bottoms, flexing arms with jumping, dorsal stretching, pectoral stretching, crawling, buttock bridge, lateral board, quadriceps stretching, and lifting the body.

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