Ana Cristina Rodrigues

InstitutionPolytechnic of Leiria


ORCID ID 0000-0002-5981-7774 | CIÊNCIAVITAE D714-9F45-1EEE

Research Interests: food microbiology, post-harvest control, food innovation

CV Synopsis
Ana Cristina Rodrigues is the Technical-Scientific Coordinator of “The RochaCenter” – Center of Post-Harvest and Technology, a complementary grouping of companies whose purpose is to provide services for the improvement of post-harvest technologies of Rocha pear and other fruits, produced or marketed by its members. The Center has as main goals the production of knowledge to control the various post-harvest moments; the development of recommendations for the fruit long-term conservation; and active surveillance on post-harvest technologies that can condition the sector’s competitiveness. The Center has conservation and monitoring equipment that allows it to implement and test different conservation methodologies as well as to monitor and characterize the physiological state of the fruits throughout the post-harvest period.