An International Integrated perspective in palliative CARE for dignity and proper support in ageing and approaching end of life

The project aims to build resilient and inclusive care communities where professionals, caregivers, patients, and citizens collaborate with the ultimate goal of improving the overall health and living conditions of patients facing severe conditions or those at the end of life.

A comprehensive training program will be developed within the framework of the project, which will be addressed to social and medical professionals on the one hand, and to carers and home carers in the three EU countries, on the other. Expected project results:

  • an international training that will train a multidisciplinary team of 20 socio-medical professionals;
  • national training programs involving 90 people (professionals and carers) from the 3 countries;
  • a variety of learning materials (podcasts, booklets, practical guides), accessible through the CONCORDIA Academy platform, to support both socio-medical professionals and carers in their efforts to care for people facing severe illnesses or spending the last stage of life.

Keywords: Death literacy, Compassionate Communities, Palliative Care

Principal Investigator
Carlos Laranjeira

Research Team:

  • ciTechCare | Polytechnic of Leiria: Ana Querido (PhD, MSc, MHN); Carlos Laranjeira (PhD, MSc, MHN); Maria dos Anjos Dixe (PhD, MSc, MSN).
  • CONCORDIA Humanitarian Organization: Elena Gaicu, Ina Dreglea, Irina Adascalitei 
  • Kardinal König Haus: Patrick Schuchter, Johannes Jurke, Marianne Buchegger

Duration: 24 months (2023 – 2025)

Institutional Partners and Others
CONCORDIA Humanitarian Organization (Romania): https://concordia-academia.ro/european-union-2/icare-an-international-integrated-perspective-in-palliative-care-for-dignity-and-proper-support-in-ageing-and-approaching-end-of-life/?lang=en

Kardinal König Haus (Austria): https://www.kardinal-koenig-haus.at/bildungsprogramm/hospiz-palliative-care-demenz/projekt-icare-international

Polytechnic of Leiria: https://www.ipleiria.pt/

Funding: Erasmus+ project – Cooperation Partnerships for Vocational Training and Education (KA220-VET)