Use of LUMICROMA in the pedagogical training of caregivers of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

The project aims to develop an innovative product called “LUMICROMA”. As a tool for art therapy, LUMICROMA presents as being a simple, accessible and effective solution to enable the carer with therapeutic strategies for children with autism spectrum disorders. Thus, it is necessary to enabling and empowering families / caregivers with simple strategies / tools that promote activities that stimulate: a) functional communication; b) social instruction in different contexts; c) skills in games, with a focus on interaction with each other; and d) functional assessment and positive attitude support to address behavioral problems.

Keywords: Autism spectrum disorders; Careful; Carer; Empowerment; Photography; Art therapy

Principal Investigator 
PI – Ruben Pereira Fernandes (Polytechnic of Porto)

Research Team
Helena Reis;
Liliana Teixeira;
Pilar Machado;
Sandra Teixeira.

6 months (2018 – 2019)

Institutional Partners and Others
Nortexcel – Center of Excellence in Medical Technologies