Pilot Project

for promotion of Physical Activity in the National Health Service

To promote physical activity (PA) the Office of the Assistant Secretary of State and Health determined the implementation of computer tools to support short PA counseling in Health Units of National Health Service (NHS). It also determined the implementation of pilot projects, through which a multidisciplinary consultation model of PA prescribing and articulation with the resources existing in the community will be tested. Primary Health Care Unit of Santiago will harbor one of the 10 pilot-projects, aiming to assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a new model of promotion of PA in NHS with prediction of the impact in the financial sustainability of NHS.

PRINCIPAL RESEARCHER in the Polytechnic of Leiria
Bruno Carreira

12 months (2019 – 2020)

Primary Health Care Unit of Santiago
ACES Pinhal Litoral
Leiria City Hall
Juventude Vidigalense de Leiria