Violence in intimate relationships among teenagers
Gender and generation features: Hispano‐Luso‐Brazilian multicenter study

This project is a multicenter study, performed in Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish study centers, which aims at investigating violence in intimate relationships amongst adolescents and to assess its relationship with social determinants; namely gender and generation, in an attempt to promote healthier intimacy relationships; contribute to foster positive strategies in conflict resolution midst youngsters and to decrease the incidence of dating associated violence.

PRINCIPAL RESEARCHER in the Polytechnic of Leiria
Maria dos Anjos Dixe

School of Nursing, University of São Paulo

36 months (2015 – 2018)

School of Nursing, Federal University of Paraná
School of Nursing, Federal University of Minas Gerais
School of Nursing, University of the State of Rio de Janeiro
School of Nursing, University of Murci
School of Nursing of Coimbra
Polytechnic of Leiria

CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Level Personnel) and CNPq (Brazilian Research Council). Available in