Longitudinal study of health literacy in the Municipality of Leiria

Health literacy (HL) is a topic of increasing importance todays’ ever-changing world. Over the past few decades, HL has gained importance, as it is a factor related to health behaviors and outcomes. In Portugal, the last survey was in 2016 and 61% of the population had a problematic or inadequate level of HL in general. Lisa is a cohort study that will measure HL in the adult population residing in the municipality of Leria over the next 4 years, with measurements every 2 years. Over the years we will promote activities and interventions adjusted to the needs of Leiria’s population. At the end we want to understand the changes during the years and improve the health care provided.

Keywords: Cohort study, Health literacy, survey

Principal Investigator
Sara Simões Dias

Research Team
Maria João Batalha;
Rui Passadouro;
Tiago Gabriel;
Estêvão Soares Santos;
Bartolomeu Alves;
Daniel Carvalho;
Teresa Peralta;
Ana Valentim;
Ana Soledade,

48 months (2022 – 2026)

Institutional Partners and Others:
Câmara Municipal de Leiria;
ACES Pinhal Litoral;
LIDA – Research Laboratory in Design and Arts;
CHL – Centro Hospitalar de Leiria.


Funding: Câmara Municipal de Leiria