Researchers attended at the XXIII Conference of Portuguese Society of Sport Psychology

From November 2 to 5, the “biggest iberian event of Sport Psychology”, as the President of Polytechnic Institute of Maia (PIM) highlighted, took place at the Academic Campus of Maiêutica, in Maia. 

The event organized both by PIM and the Portuguese Society of Sport Psychology (PSSP) gathered a significant number of national and international researchers and research projects in this field of work. 

Roberta Frontini and Raul Antunes, ciTechCare researchers, co-authored, with Miguel Jacinto and Rui Matos, the paper entitled “Effects of Exercise Programs on Anxiety in Individuals with Disabilities: A Systematic Review with a Meta-Analysis”, which was presented at the conference, on November 4. 

This research work intended to reveal the results of the systematic review and concluded that the physical exercise promote positive effects and might be a good method to reduce anxiety symptoms in individuals with disabilities.