Social isolation and loneliness in the elderly

Roberta Frontini, researcher at ciTechCare, is a co-author of 2 posters presented in the III Jornadas de Intervenção Psicossocial na Comunidade: Pensar o idoso e o envelhecimento (JIPC2021), which took place on June 18, 2021.
In the first poster entitled “Museum in the village: Community project where art and culture combat social isolation and loneliness in the elderly”, presented by Lina Tábua Pereira, the Museum in the Village project was disseminated. This is an innovative project led by Sociedade Artística Musical de Pousos (SAMP) that aims to combat social isolation and loneliness in elderly people from low-density villages. The second poster intended to present preliminary data from the same project, entitled “Characterization of the loneliness levels and anxiety and depression symptoms in the elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic: Preliminary results of a community intervention project”.