“Spiritual Care Competence” in PAlliative Care Education and PracticE: Mixed-Methods Research in the Development of Iberian Guidelines

Scant research has been performed to develop accurate criteria for integrating spiritual care in Palliative Care practice and education, thereby bridging the gap between theory and practice. To address this gap, the main goal of this project is to develop spiritual care competence recommendations for Palliative Care education and practice in Portugal and Spain. These guidelines will contribute to delivering culturally and spiritually sensitive quality PC in Iberia that emphasizes the relevance of person-centred care and enhances spiritual care competence as a central part of professional development.

A white book will also be developed to represent a position statement regarding spiritual care competency in PC, intended for advocacy with local governments, educational and healthcare organizations, and leaders on the ground.

The SPACEE project is part of an extended Ibero and Latin American project on spiritual accompaniment in palliative care supported by the patronage of Fundacion Pía Aguirreche.

Keywords: Spiritual Care Competence; Palliative Care; End-of-Life; Guidelines.

Principal Investigator: Carlos Laranjeira

Team Members: Enric Benito, Mónica Dones, Noemí Sansó, María Nabal Vicuña, Marcela Specos, Laura Galiana Llinares, Sara Martínez Gregorio, Paula Ossandón Lira, Irene Fernández Martínez, Carlos Laranjeira, Ana Querido e Maria dos Anjos Dixe.

Duration: 2023 – 2026

Institutional Partners and Others:

  • Iberian-American Spirituality Forum;
  • Portuguese Association of Palliative Care [APCP];
  • Spanish Society of Palliative Care [SECPAL].

Funding: Fundación Pía Aguirrechi (Spain)