What is missing – The [Fantastic] role of general practitioners

Sónia Gonçalves Pereira, researcher at ciTechCare, published an opinion article on July 15, in Jornal de Leiria, on a topic that has been an increasing topic of opinions and criticism in the society: the perception of the general practitioner as an unlimited resource of medical prescriptions and certificates. The article aims to highlight the role of the general practitioner in promoting the health and well-being of the population and the burden that these professionals feel in managing the lists of their patients and families, which was aggravated during the pandemic.
Sonia refers that “This is a general practitioner. Not a window for requests for credentials, certificates and prescriptions for medications. It is so much more, so much more than that. It is the an agent for the promotion of the general state of our health, ours and our family’s who, together with a nursing team also dedicated to disease prevention and health promotion, greatly contribute to the individual, family and public health of our people, of our country.”