Benefits of physical exercise in cancer

Pedro Machado, PhD student and research fellow at ciTechCare, and physiotherapist recently graduated at from the School of Health Sciences of the Polytechnic of Leiria, published on March 24 an article in the Diário de Leiria on the importance of physical exercise in cancer, namely in the improvement of frequent and disabling symptoms such as fatigue.
Pedro points out that the research he is currently developing at ciTechCare involves planning “pre-surgical rehabilitation programs, based on exercise adjusted to these high-risk patients, and assessing their effectiveness in post-surgical results”, highlighting the importance of exercise and physical activity in several parameters, including psychological health and quality of life. Pedro also states that his “goal is to continue developing educational material that raises awareness of the importance of exercise training after the diagnosis of cancer, and he is currently finishing an interactive manual that addresses precisely this topic, entitled ‘Oncoenergy’”.

+INFO: (edition 16 June 2021)