Bragança Parreira/Roche Award – Technology in Diabetes attributed to Maria Pedro Guarino

On March 10th, 2019, during the 15th Portuguese Diabetes Congress, the Bragança Parreira SPD / Roche Grant was awarded the project “CBmeter – a new technology with predictive value for the diagnosis of metabolic diseases”, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Maria Pedro Guarino, Adjunct Professor at the School of Health Sciences and Researcher at the Center for Innovative Care and Health Technology (ciTechCare).

This grant is established by the Portuguese Society of Diabetology with the purpose of rewarding a research project in the area of Technology in Diabetes.

This project is currently being developed in partnership with the Leiria Hospital Center, EPE and the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo, aiming to validate the hypothesis that CBmeter, a joint system developed by the research team, allows the detection of changes in the activity of carotid bodies correlated with type 2 diabetes and subclinical pre-diabetes.

This award is an acknowledgement of the quality of the work that has been developed by researchers from the various institutions involved in this research.