CBmeter in the podcast

ciTechCare researcher Maria Guarino talked with António Lopes in the podcast UmsobreZero about CBmeter project CBmeter – ciTechcare (ipleiria.pt).

In this podcast, topics of interest to most people were addressed, such as the definition of diabetes and the evolution of the disease throughout history, as well as its consequences. The impact of the CBmeter project in diabetes prevention and how it aims to contribute to early diagnosis of this disease that currently affects about 420 million people worldwide. UmsobreZero is a podcast of conversations about technology that was awarded the prize for best Science and Technology podcast in the Portuguese Podcast Festival – Podes 2020.

+INFO: https://umsobrezero.com/2021/12/06/episodio-68/

PROJECT: https://citechcare.ipleiria.pt/projects/biomarkers-and-clinical-engineering/cbmeter/