Clinical Simulation as a learning tool in the nursing teaching model

Nursing education has been modified as far as the teaching model is concerned. Clinical Simulation reveals an exponential growth, replacing part of the time allocated to internships. 

Hugo Duarte, professor, nurse and ciTechCare researcher in nursing field highlights that this pedagogic dimension constitutes “a tool that enables the integration and consolidation of theoretical knowledge with clinical practice, developing technical and non-technical competencies within the nursing students community”. 

The Healthcare Simulation Laboratory, located in the ciTechCare, provides practical sessions, through artificial healthcare scenarios similar to realistic clinical contexts, which helps students to have a training focused in “reducing response time”, “improving emotional competencies” or “enhancing security on healthcare “, he said. 

The available simulators allows to “collect the clinical story, perform a physical examination, as well as get answers about the administration of medicines, cardioversion and defibrillation”, which turns into a solution to some questions already identified by nursing students and nurses. 

To read in Diário de Leiria: (p. 17)