Comparison between oral glucose tolerance test and mixed meal tolerance test

Artigo científico

Maria Guarino and Marlene Lages, researchers at ciTechCare, are co-authors of the article ‘Metabolic Effects of an oral Glucose Tolerance Test Compared to the mixed meal tolerance tests: A narrative review’, published in nutrients MDPI.

From the 13 studies, in which were involved healthy patients, adults with metabolic disturbances and pregnant women, the conclusion of this review is that mixed meal tolerance test might be a suitable solution to the gold standard Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, since it reduces some of the unpleasant symptoms reported with the OGTT, like nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, bloating and anxiety.
Besides, the metabolic feedback provided by a mixed meal is a better indication of beta-cell function under normal daily life conditions since it contains proteins and fatty acids, which are nutrients that can also stimulate insulin secretion.

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