Edible wild crowberries: rich source of minerals and organic acids

The article “Corema album spp: Edible wild crowberries with a high content in minerals and organic acids”, co-authored by Ana Cristina Rodrigues, Daniela Vaz and Vânia Ribeiro, researchers at ciTechCare, was published this month in the Food Chemistry Journal.

Edible wild plants are part of the ethnobotanical and gastronomic heritage of different geographical areas. In this article, Corema album spp, a species present in the dunes of the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula, is presented as a rich source of minerals and organic acids. Specifically, the berries of this plant are rich in minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc, and the plant also shows high phenolic content and antioxidant capacity associated with the leaves, fruit, and flowers. Toxicity studies have shown that, in low concentrations, plant extracts can have beneficial effects.

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