Medronho bread won the Food Fab Lab award

Pão de Medronho developed by Rui Lopes, a researcher at citechcare is the big winner of the “Fab Lab 2020 Food Award”. Rui Lopes is the owner of the company Medronho&Canela – Food and Nutritional Innovation, a Spin-Off by the Polytechnic of Leiria, which was created to leverage the “Pão Medronho” project, and give substance to other food and nutritional innovation projects that are in progress with centres of research and companies.

The Medronho Bread is a rustic, special and innovative bread, with all the components of the Medronho. The product began to be developed in 2010, having been formulated, for five years, dozens of technical sheets until finding a formula with market viability.

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