Path to more customized nutritional therapy

Marlene Lages, Nutritionist and PhD Student at ciTechCare, published on February 24th an opinion article in the Diário de Leiria on the importance of researching new nutritional strategies that allow a more individualized nutritional therapy.
The researcher highlights that, in order to prevent and fight diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes, “the search for innovative, scientifically-based strategies that can complement the current guidelines is necessary.” For this, she is developing a study where she intends to “personalize and optimize the time interval in which meals are ingested, based on the evaluation of the individual “biological clock” markers. Biological clocks are responsible for circadian rhythms, cycles of approximately 24 hours (..) that are present in our tissues and organs and that guarantee that certain internal processes occur at the most appropriate time.”
Marlene also points out that she intends that “the knowledge that will be generated (…) will always be directed to improve the community’s nutritional education and increase awareness on this topic.”

+INFO: (edition 24 February 2021)