Polytechnic of Leiria (PL) and Leiria Hospital Center (CHL) regularized a protocol for the use of the cardiopulmonary exercise test

December 21, was the chosen day to formalize a collaboration protocol for investigation and development, using together the stress test equipment (CPET), between both PL and CHL. This equipment of the Polytechnic of Leiria is located at the Pneumology Healthcare Service at the Leiria Hospital Center (CHL).

The cardiopulmonary stress test will be used both by Polytechnic of Leiria and CHL, under the coordination of each supervisor, assuring the operational protocol control.

Both entities will share knowledge, scientific and technical faculties in CPET among their professionals on the research projects development, graduated and post graduated training of students and professionals as well as supporting the community.

As far as the Polytechnic of Leiria is concerned, the partnership will be held by ciTechCare, a health technology research unit that (also) develops projects in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation and exercise prescription field, so that the use of cardiopulmonary stress test equipment will be essential in those research activities, which can also open new opportunities and collaborations.

+INFO: https://www.ipleiria.pt/politecnico-de-leiria-e-chl-assinam-acordo-para-uso-de-equipamento-cardiopulmonar/