Project ‘Adolescer com Sentido’ reaches secondary education

Under the guidance of Teresa Kraus, researcher at ciTechCare and project coordinator, ESSLei nursing students went to Francisco Rodrigues Lobo Secondary School to address topics such as affections and sexuality education: a gap identified by health coordinators of several schools in the municipality of Leiria.

During 3 sessions, students from the secondary school participated in interactive lectures on, for example, dating violence or unwanted pregnancy and highlighted that the fact that those sessions had been developed by young people of almost the same age and that “recently faced the same scenario”, facilitates the transmission of the message.

The participants also mentioned that the project is a way to “alert to the amount of diseases that exist and the ways to protect ourselves”.

‘Adolescer com sentido’ is a health literacy project, started in 2018 and which also has the support of Pascoal Moleiro and Alexandra Luz, pediatricians.

Teresa Kraus points out that in the “adolescent phase there is some impulsiveness”, so the project “helps to think before acting and to have concepts”, clarifying, for example, that “violence and jealousy are not part of dating”.

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Photo by Jornal de Leiria

This work was funded by Portuguese national funds provided by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P. FCT/UI/05704/2020