Influence of Nutrition in Depression Treatment

Major Depressive Disorder is a leading cause of disability in the world, on which Portugal is among the European countries with the highest rates of the disease. The Mediterranean Diet (MedDiet) has been associated with a decrease in the risk of Major Depressive Disorder and symptoms of depression. These associations might be related with anti-inflammatory properties of healthy dietary patterns, considering these patients frequently have elevated inflammation biomarkers. Therefore, the aim of the INDEPT project is to study the effect of the MedDiet in depressive symptomatology, among patients diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, that
also have increased inflammation biomarkers.

Keywords: Depression, Major Depressive Disorder, Nutritional Intervention, Randomized Controlled Trial

Principal Investigator
Maria João Heitor

Research Team
Nuno Sousa-Santos
Maria Guarino;
Daniela Fialho;
Teresa Madeira;
José Camolas;
Osvaldo Santos.

Duration: 36 months (2021 – 2024)

Institutional Partners and Others
Associação para Investigação e Desenvolvimento da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa;
Hospital Santo André (Centro Hospitalar de Leiria);
Hospital Beatriz Ângelo;
Hospital Santa Maria (Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte).


Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT)
Grant: PTDC/SAU-NUT/3321/2020