Qualitative research manual

Jaime Ribeiro and Carla Piscarreta Damásio, researchers at ciTechCare and lecturers at the School of Health Sciences from the Polytechnic of Leiria, are co-authors of two chapters of the book “Manual de Investigação Qualitativa: conceção, análise e aplicações” [Manual for Qualitative Research: conception, analysis and applications] (ISBN: 978-989-693-114-8), published in 2021 by Pactor Editora: “Data analysis” (Jaime) and “Narrative analysis: from the perspective of analysis to discourse” (Carla).
This book, designed to support the entire qualitative research process, from the most general and conceptual level themes, to the techniques of data collection and analysis in the various application areas. This book is an essential work tool for students, teachers and researchers.

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