Researchers from the University of Lleida, Porto and ciTechCare explain the cognitive, emotional and behavioral impact that results from the use of board games

The Health Innovation Hub received last 10 February Jorge Moya Higueras, lecturer at the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Work from University of Lleida, in Spain, and principal researcher in neuropsychology, genes and environment research team, Nuria Vita-Barrull, PhD student and part of the this team and Micael Sousa, PhD student on Territory Planning at the Research Centre for Territory, Transports and Environment, at the University of Porto.

What these professionals have in common is their research work on the impact of board games, mainly on the cognitive, emotional, educative and behavioral benefits of playing board games and how can board games help to build more integrated education systems in society.

Marlene Rosa and Dara Pincegher, researchers at ciTechCare, working on the NeuroÁgil project also brought their perspective about the role of board games as a therapeutic, assessment and monitoring option in patients with dementia.

Nuria talked about the project Conectar Jugando whose goal is to assess the cognitive training of children at primary school by playing board games.

The session entitled ‘How can modern board game and Gamed-based therapy boost body and mind performance?’, allowed to better understand what have been done around this theme, gathering professionals from different fields of work, like engineering, psychology or physiotherapy.