Researchers from TUS-Athlone joined ciTechCare for a scientific discussion on physical activity and health science

The development of scientific projects in the area of physical activity and its impact on the rehabilitation of patients with chronic disease was the main purpose of the last Science Swing session that took place at the Health Innovation Hub, on June 19.

As usual, in these sessions, external researchers are invited to share their research projects, contributing to strengthen relations with other scientists and foster potential future projects.

The last Science Swing session were led by Pedro Machado, Ph.D. research fellow on Sports Science: Physical Activity, from ciTechCare, and Clare McDermott and Fiona Skelly, both Ph.D. researchers and Lecturers on BSc in Physical Activity and Health Science and Sports Science with Exercise Physiology, from the Technological University of the Shannon (TUS) with deep knowledge on exercise rehabilitation programs in patients with chronic health conditions.  

This was a time to learn from highly specialized researchers that have common research interests in the area of exercise and health and the practical application and impact of exercise rehabilitation in patients with chronic diseases.

These three researchers have been working on this theme in different type of projects: Pedro Machado dedicates his research work to the impact of preoperative exercise training on recovery after surgery in colorectal and lung cancer patients, Clare McDermott holds a PhD on the efficacy of a home-based technology-enabled cardiac rehabilitation program for patients with cardiovascular disease and Fiona Skelly works closely to an organization offering community-based exercise rehabilitation to a diverse chronic disease population.