Role of healthcare professionals in chronic pain

Cristina Costeira, researcher at ciTechCare, published an article entitled “Appropriated management of chronic pain: a personal right, a healthcare professional duty”, on Diário de Leiria journal, for raising awareness about the importance of treating chronic pain, which affects about 3 million portuguese.

According to Cristina, living with continuous pain should not be considered as a natural way of life, therefore, a proper intervention from the healthcare professionals is essential, what turns up to be more relevant since “only 22% of people with chronic pain have regular medical appointments”. However, a patients’ dedicated attitude is also mandatory in this process.

Some medicines and other type of therapies as doing exercise, yoga, meditation or music therapy are being recommended to enhance a better quality of life, decreasing, at the same time, stress levels and making easier the familiar and social relationships.

+INFO: (edition 16 February 2022)