SAVETRACK enables to monitor patients at the urgent care

SaveTrack project aims to supervise and to alert health professionals about the essential clinic parameters of patients from the urgent care.

“The project goes through the reconstruction and reorganization of the pathway that undergoes at the urgent care”, which motivates the “understanding of who is going to need those sensors and the way the follow-up will be held, trying not to overpressure the healthcare professionals”, says Maria Guarino, coordinator of Center for Innovative Care and Health Technology – ciTechCare and one of the researchers that lead the SAFETRACK study.

Leiria Hospital Center invited the polytechnic of Leiria’s researchers to join the project, which integrates healthcare professionals from the urgent care, designers, cardiopulmonary technicians, physiologists, informatic and electronic engineers and multimedia designers.

The team is working on the electronic prototype of a device that will be applied on the patient allowing the transmission of vital clinic values, in real time.