Training course on Exercise physiology in cardiorespiratory patient gathers physiotherapists at ciTechCare

A session dedicated to Exercise physiology in the cardiorespiratory patient was the porpose of the last course organized by the Interest Group in Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy of the Portuguese Association of Physiotherapists, that took place at ciTechCare, on march 10-11.

Fernando Ribeiro, Physiotherapist with a PhD in Physical Activity and Health at the University of Porto and Post-doctoral degree in the area of cardiac rehabilitation, exercise training and endothelial regeneration led the session that brought together several professionals, researchers and students in the area of Physiotherapy.

The 14 hours course intended to provide participants with theoretical knowledge about the exercise physiology in the cardiorespiratory patient, to know how to identify the main physiological variables, to explore and understand the results and how to prescribe exercise in cardiorespiratory patients, according to specific therapeutic goals.