‘Design, health and care’ – a joint initiative of LIDA, ciTechCare and Leiria Hospital Center in Arquivo bookstore

On September 15, the exhibition “Design, Health and Care”, which took place in the Archive Bookstore, gathered researchers, health professionals, representatives of use patients and other guests. The goal was to inform about the SafeTrack project developed among ciTechCare, the Laboratory of Design and Arts (LIDA) and the Leiria Hospital Center (LHC).

Sandra Neves, vice-director of LIDA and principal researcher of the project, presented the entire process inherent to the project, from the knowledge sharing between designers, health professionals and representatives of patients, to the final result – a device that can detect critical health states earlier, alerting health professionals in the hospital emergency service.

Maria Guarino, coordinator of ciTechCare and researcher of the project, highlighted the predisposition of CHL that “wanted to do differently”, integrating technology and innovation for better healthcare, which also “motivates healthcare professionals”.

An evening of sharing and knowledge that resulted from an innovative project, which linked distinct areas as design and health and that demonstrated the practical application of research in a real context in the hospital.

Get to know more about the SafeTrack project: https://citechcare.ipleiria.pt/safetrack/

This work was funded by Portuguese national funds provided by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P. FCT/UI/05704/2020