Fruit-based innovative gummies: a health-promoting and sustainable approach

Globally, one-third of food produced is lost or wasted, highlighting the need for sustainable solutions. Particularly, Portugal experiences significant fruit residue generation. These residues, rich in nutrients and potentially bioactive present an opportunity for valorisation.
The main goal of this project is the development of innovative and appealing food products with potential health benefits: gummies as a sustainable and health-promoting approach, through the valorisation of residues from locally produced fruits (‘Alcobaça’ apple and ‘Rocha’ pear).
Integral to our approach is the evaluation of the most promising gummies’ in vitro potential to inhibit enzymes implicated in diabetes pathophysiology and in other diseases. Sensory analysis supported by electroencephalography will assess gummy acceptability among target populations, which may include individuals at risk of developing diabetes. Concurrently, a food design approach will ensure the development of gummies with optimal size, format, and visual appeal.

Keywords: Food Design; Food residues; Experimental planning; Biological activities

Principal investigator: Marisa C. Gaspar

Research Team:

Maria P. Guarino (ciTechCare);
Marlene Lages (ciTechCare);
Cidália Pereira (ciTechCare);
Luís Luís (ciTechCare);
Rafael Pinheiro (ciTechCare);
Rui Fonseca-Pinto (ciTechCare);
Sandra Neves (LIDA);
Renato Bispo (LIDA);
Ana Cristina Rodrigues (RochaCenter);
Catarina Brito (RochaCenter);
Cláudia Oliveira (RochaCenter).

Duration: 2023 – ongoing

Institutional Partners and Others:

ciTechCare – Center for Innovative Care and Health Technology
LIDA – Laboratory in Design and Arts
RochaCenter – Center for Post-Harvest and Technology, ACE

Funding: ciTechCare