Revitalizing Pulmonary Rehabilitation

3R aims to increase the access of patients with chronic respiratory disease (CRD) to pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) in the central region of Portugal and disseminate this intervention at a national level. PR is an evidence-based intervention for the management of CRD and its implementation has been acknowledged as a priority by several international organizations.  However, in Portugal it is practically non-existent (<1% of patients have access to it), with the majority of PR programs occurring in hospitals and targeting patients in more advanced stages of the disease. Our hypothesis is that programs in the community, directed at all degrees of CRD and involving health professionals, patients/families, societies, and policy makers, may make PR more accessible. 3R aims to:
1) implement an innovative PR program in the community;
2) evaluate its cost-effectiveness;
3) disseminate and transfer knowledge about the PR throughout the country.

Investigators at IPLeiria
Joana Cruz (responsible investigator);
Nádia Hipólito.

Principal Investigator
Alda Marques

36 months (2018 – 2021)

Leading institution
University of Aveiro